Another fantastic and intensive week has passed for the TrustNFT team. All week was full of meetings with new partners, advisors, and VCs! So don’t miss out! TrustNFT is in advanced discussions with VCs and had multiple meetings last week. Some investment proposals have already been received and considered by the whole team.

About 45% of our private sale is already done.


Coinmarketcap This week, the berry on the cake, trustNFT, is listed on Coinmarketcap and other major crypto websites.


New PR channels activated. This week we were featured on MarketWatch .com and You can read interviews with our CEO Vismantas Motiejunas, CTO Mantas Mackevicius, and related industry experts. Additionally, our solution featured in some youtube videos within crypto, NFT space.

We have reached 10k+ community on Twitter and 16k+ community on telegram.

Launchpads We are in an active negotiation phase with major Launchpads of Ido’s. We are happy that a new marketing advisor Gediminas Lekoveckas joined our team and wisely led us to better performance. Stay tuned news will follow soon.




Decentralized NFT collateralized loans, AI-Powered NFT price evaluation.

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Decentralized NFT collateralized loans, AI-Powered NFT price evaluation.

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