TrustNFT Weekly Wrap-Up #2

Another week has passed and we are halfway into our Sale Round. The team is happy with the result so far and is constantly improving the project as well as growing TrustNFT community. This week’s wrap-up contains some key updates from our side about what is happening behind the scenes.

Team KYC

In order to build our community’s trust in the team as well as to successfully move forward with the roadmap goals, we are completing the KYC process, which is currently being done by


New PR channels activated. This week we were featured in yahoo finance,, marketinsider where you can read interviews with our CEO, Vismantas Motiejunas, and CTO Mantas Mackevicius.

Additionally, our solution caught the eye of some Youtube channels, which featured us in their videos.


- It was strategically decided to include staking rewards to our early investors for the tokens which are being locked in a smart contract, in this way, this part of your Trustnft portfolio will generate you certain bonuses.

VCs and advisory

We are on the lookout for Marketing advisory and so this week we started meeting people with successful marketing experience in ICO/IDO field, next we will continue working on this and already have 5 advisory meetings planned.

TrustNFT is in talks with a number of VCs for the past few weeks now. During the past week, we had an increased number of VCs approach us for a discussion, which gives us additional options to choose from, as soon as the agreement is reached, we will release an official update to our community.

Decentralized NFT collateralized loans, AI-Powered NFT price evaluation.