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3 min readNov 3, 2021


Year 2021 will be written in a history books of NFT market as a “Boom” period, during which NFT sales volumes surged to 10.7 billion dollars in the third quarter of 2021, which is more than 8 times more than the previous quarter.

As more and more people are getting familiar with NFTs they are usually not aware of underlying liquidity issue, as many NFTs are just placed in the wallets until they are sold in marketplaces or via direct transactions.

TrustNFT — enabling NFT to become a practical financial instrument

trustNFT is aiming to accelerate NFT integration with DeFi by building an AI-powered NFT value evaluation tool, which would enable NFT holders to access more liquid financial assets.

Big Data together with AI allows to define market value for a given NFT, which then could be used as collateral for loans. In this case, holders can lock their less liquid asset (NFT) and get a loan which in turn could be used for investing into more liquid assets, such as BTC, ETC, etc.

The above solution creates a unique niche for NFT collateralized loans, which, having a reliable value determination tool, can become one of the most attractive DeFi solutions to NFT holders and other community members (lenders).

DeFi meets NFT

· NFT as a collateral.

DeFi opens up opportunities to use your NFTS as an effective collateral to get a loan

· Earn Sweet rewards

Earn sweet rewards by joining our community and financing loans for other community members

· Powered by AI

Value determination process is made by an AI powered TurstNFT Evaluation Machine which evaluates NFT based on Big Data

TrustNFT — two sided platform

1. P2P marketplace for collaterized NFT loans. It allows borrowers to put up assets for a loan and lenders to make offers to lend in return for interest.

2. Automatic lending pool, which allows lenders to put their assets which will be lent to community members for guaranteed yield in TrustNFT tokens.

  • TrustNFT tokens are BSC tokens that can be redeemed for their underlying assets at any time.

TrustNFT — Tokenomics

Private sale 100 000 000 — 10% (70% locked for 9 months)

Public sale IDO 40 000 000 — 4%(100% unlocked)

Initial Swap listing 40 000 000 — 4%(Listing on PancakeSwap v3)

TrustNFT Team 100 000 000 — 10% (24 months vesting per block)

Reserve 50 000 000 — 5%(24 months vesting per block)

Advisory 48 000 000 — 4,8% (24 months vesting per block)

Ecosystem % rewards 500 000 000 — 50% (distributed in 2 years)

Airdrop 2 000 000 — 0,2%

Upfront Marketing 100 000 000 — 12%

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Decentralized NFT collateralized loans, AI-Powered NFT price evaluation.