TrustNFT’s strategic partnership with the Blockchain Centre and Lympo

2 min readDec 21, 2021


What will this partnership bring?

Crypto launchpads have been the latest craze during the last few years, and for a reason. They connect startups with investors, benefiting both parties. Startups get the funds needed to develop their projects, and crypto investors enjoy access to early-stage deals. Now, we will be able to build the bridge between the two parties and greatly benefit our crypto community.

“This partnership will help us in the IDO stage during the negotiations with the top crypto launchpads,” says TrustNFT CMO Julius Mocka. “Thanks to their huge network of marketplaces and creators, we feel even more confident about developing the final product.”

LYMPO is one of the marketplaces under the Blockchain Centre that will help TrustNFT move forward. LYMPO has a massive database of completed transactions which will help us train our algorithms to recognize prices and assess the value of NFTs.

“We will be able to collaborate with multiple companies from their network and allow our blockchain-based projects to raise capital while providing access to early-stage token sales for our group of investors,” Mocka adds.

Besides getting funds, startups will also enjoy the exposure by getting in front of a vast community of NFT enthusiasts.

About the Blockchain Centre

Founded in 2017, the Blockchain Centre is a network-based organization of innovators, high-achieving leaders, and experienced enthusiasts who provide guidance and strategic partners for companies looking to step into the blockchain.

About TrustNFT

TrustNFT is an AI and Big data-powered platform that accurately evaluates NFT and opens up opportunities to use it as loan collateral. TrustNFT technological solutions combine DeFi with NFTs to add much-needed utility and unlock the enormous potential of NFTs becoming practical financial instruments.




Decentralized NFT collateralized loans, AI-Powered NFT price evaluation.