The wait is over: TrustNFT platform launch!

3 min readSep 14, 2022


It is finally happening, after a long wait and a number of strategizing, and development hours put into it, TrustNFT is officially launching the V1 of the platform on September 14th, 2022. TrustNFT team is highly thankful to every community member for patience, feedback and time spent on testing the platform during a test-net phase.

The launch of the V1 platform is a highly important milestone in the TrustNFT roadmap, which opens up a number of opportunities for developing quality partnerships with other Web3 projects. The current platform release brings actual value to current and potential users and token holders as they will be able to lend/borrow with NFTs being used as a collateral. On the top of that, our AI tool, George, will already be operational and its detailed analyses with parameters such as: real market value, liquidity tracker, etc. will be available for access for TrustNFT token holders.

To be more precise, we can clearly see two milestones being achieved with V1 release:

Loans platform:

  • Multiple chains supported: ETH, BNB, Polygon;
  • Lend and borrow options on your wanted terms while using selected NFTs as a collateral;
  • Create borrow request for a few days or a year for any interest you wish;
  • Search through Loan book, lend funds and receive your profit on one platform;
  • Manage your loans portfolio with couple of clicks;
  • Almost all NFTs, listed on Opensea, can be used as a collateral;

How to — Lend

If you want to give a loan and earn some interest, all you have to do is:

  • visit;
  • select suitable loan request based on the amount and period;
  • click “lend” and a smart contract with all indicated details will be placed on a blockchain.

How to — Borrow

If you want to borrow a certain amount of selected currency, all you have to do is:

  • connect your wallet via;
  • select your owned NFT which you want to use as collateral;
  • choose terms of the loan (amount, period);
  • Click “Borrow” and your loan request will be placed on a platform.


  • Check the price and probability to sell/liquidity of the selected NFT;
  • Built in-house, the TrustNFT AI tool analyzes more than 2 million NFTs weekly;
  • Operational on more than 85 collections;
  • Detailed analyses accessible to TrustNFT token holders;
  • Unique parameters such as: real market price, liquidity tracker;

What’s next?

Having an operational platform allows TrustNFT to resume discussions with Web3 projects regarding the partnerships, use cases and actual value to their users. Having said that, the team is now looking into scaling the platform and expanding the user base in order to establish TrustNFT as a credible platform for NFT collateralized loans. Achieving such milestones and generating quality traction will enable TrustNFT to expand its operations and focus not only on B2C, but also on B2B business opportunities.

AI analyses release opens up great opportunities to focus into B2B growth as well. George can be used as a business-grade API for other platforms: NFT marketplaces, NFT collateralized loans marketplaces, P2E games and institutions. The team has already had discussions with a number of such platforms, marketplaces and institutions during the development phase, however, in order to continue with actual partnership building, traction from V1 and George was required, thus we strongly believe that the current release sets a great foundation for future project growth.

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