Testnet recap

Let’s recap our Testnet phaze

We have lots of things going on in different departments of our company. Let’s review what this period brought to us:

Most of our time was spent on our Platform’s Testnet versions. With amazing help from our community, we were able to find major bugs and add additional features. In total, we had 1600 Testnet website visitors, and hundreds of our community members from all the parts of the world connected their wallets and tested out the process of P2p lending.

Testing let us add an email notification system. Now, every time you complete some action in the platform, you get a notification by email. Another huge leap ahead was fixing major smart contract bugs and implementing Switch Network functionality.

New NFT collections were added, and this process is just at the beginning of its full speed. Another great feature added to the platform is filtering, which makes using the platform more convenient.

Twitter API integration (Collection page) lets us know the popularity of NFT in social networks.

By the way, most active testers received prizes for their help, so working together with TrustNFT is not only fun but beneficial too.

Things planned to the nearest future:

  • Wallet switch;
  • More analytics
  • Promissory note (A Promissory Note is a unique financial instrument that binds the borrowers by law to pay the lender the specified sum of money at a specified date or on demand.)
  • General fixes

As you can see, lots of things have been done already, and lots of them will be done in nearest future. If you have any additional proposals and needed features, the TrustNFT team always welcomes you to join our social networks and express your opinion.


Let’s not forget George. He is growing and getting smarter. It is why he needs more and more collections to be added to his scope. The final piece of our analytic engine has been released. We will be expanding our collection coverage to enhance partnership opportunities starting this week.


We are running an active campaign for the second week of the testnet. We are also giving out prizes to the winners of the first week. We are also running active campaigns on all marketing channels. As the market is getting more challenging, we focus more on engaging existing community members and creating additional value for token holders. We are also actively working on NFT value reports and value creation.

Business development

TrustNFT is setting up George’s bot on Telegram. This will enable not only our community to receive a fresh and data-driven credible price of NFTs. Additional value to our George AI tool is added every day…

Our team member Povilas is attending Miami Bitcoin 2022 conference, representing our platform and making useful connections. If you are at the conference and want to have a chat with our team, please get in contact with Povilas on Telegram @Povilas

We started a more active onboarding campaign of NFT projects to our platform. TrustNFT provides so much-needed additional utility to the projects and introduces it to wider communities. We are enabling NFT holders to keep their NFT but not to freeze their funds and go hunting another x100 prey. So if you are the creator of the NFT project, don’t hesitate to have a chat with us!



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