New exciting partnership in the NFT space

Two major players in the NFT space announced a new collaboration today. TrustNFT will team with Black Magic Network enabling NFT holders to benefit even more from blockchain technology and their platforms.


TrustNFT is a two-sided platform, including a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace for NFT — collateralized loans. This allows borrowers to put up assets for loans and lenders to make offers to lend in return for interest. The main competitive advantage of TrustNFT is George — the world’s first Artificial Intelligence NFT estimator. George will give a report that will include different parameters for assessing the value of an NFT such as the latest clearing price, intrinsic price, upper range of GIV (George’s Intrinsic Value), lower range of GIV, and liquidity tracker.

Black Magic Network

Black Magic Networks’ is a DAO-governed Metaverse gaming platform, consisting of the $BMC revenue sharing governance token, NFT dApp ecosystem, Game Studio, Marketplace, DEX Aggregator, Launchpad, and Wallet mission is to revitalize the industry to provide users with innovative experiences, in which users can own and monetize their in-game assets.


The partnership between these two NFT players will consist of the following:

  • Black Magic Network marketplace will have TrustNFT integration of George AI NFT estimator. This will empower NFT holders to know exact data about their NFTs using liquidity tracker and other estimator components.
  • NFT holders of projects from the Black Magic Network family will get the additional utility to their NFTs in the TrustNFT platform. They will be able not to freeze their assets, but use them as collateral and have freedom of investment movement.

As both partners keep on growing and building their platforms there are endless possibilities for future collaboration between them. Stay tuned more news is coming!



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