Meet the New Era of NFTs — Trusted NFTS Are Here to Change the Game

NFT Market

The popularity of the NFT market is booming. Despite the bearish crypto market, NFTs are still in the beginning of their journey. The NFT market is stabilizing, and volume is still very encouraging. The market is getting bigger and bigger, with the number of active NFT buyers and sellers growing, according to Chainalysis’ new report.

Despite this surging popularity, not all NFT investors are happy with their investments. If you have watched your NFT price plummet, you know what we are talking about. This has to change now. What if we tell you that you can invest in NFTs and be sure that you won’t lose all your money? There is even more — now you can buy NFTs without freezing your funds so you can look for another investment with the same funds! Sounds crazy but is all possible, read further to know more!

Trusted NFTs

Every technology NFTs needs to evolve and ensure people invest more. NFT doesn’t have to be a new casino with a big risk of losing your hard-earned money. That is why TrustNFT came up with a totally new and game-changing category — Trusted NFTs. Trusted NFTs are the NFTs that ensure you will be able to use it as collateral at any time and get part of your investment back. The more times you use it as collateral and repay your loan, the more valuable it gets and your credit score and possible loan amount go up. This way, not only you are sure about your investment, but the price of NFT together with the amount of a possible loan increase.

How Does It Work?

The TrustNFT platform, specific NFT liquidity pool and smart contracts ensure that a Trusted NFT holder will be always able to get a loan anytime. This is how TrustNFT seizes the opportunities given by blockchain technology. Now you can buy your new NFTs without sleepless nights and headaches — because they are Trusted NFTs. For even more peace of mind, the AI tool George can provide an NFT report from the TrustNFT platform with all the information you need about a specific NFT. George gathers information from big data sources and presents it to you in an easy-to-use format.

For example, if you mint Trusted NFT worth 1 ETH, you can instantly get a loan of 0,33 ETH with Trusted NFT as collateral. If you repay your loans on time — your credit score and NFT score can go up to 0.5 ETH.

Trusted NFTs’ Debut — TrustNFT x Futugo app

We are happy to announce the first Trusted NFTs project — Futugo Meta Icons NFTs. Backed by the Futugo app. Futugo app is an E-commerce platform (web 2.0) for physical items, a digital marketplace for NFTs in the metaverse (web 3.0) and a social network designed exclusively for luxury fashion and art lovers.

Futugo Meta Icons NFT mint will debut on June 30th 2022 and all the holders of their NTF will be able to use it as collateral immediately. Don’t let your cash be trapped on some NFT for years; buy Futugo NFTs, get a loan, lift your NFT credit score and go to hunt for more Trusted NFTs. All Futugo items are registered on a blockchain that lets users purchase 100% authentic luxury fashion brands and fine art — and get individual NFT digital passes for each item.

More information about the Futugo Meta Icons NFTs is available here. Don’t miss out on this new era of NFTs — Trusted NFTs.



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