Animoca Brands Launchpad Primed For The $TRUSTNFT Voucher Presale: An NFT-Collateralized Loan Marketplace

5 min readJan 23, 2022

We hope you’re feeling primed and ready for the incoming $TRUSTNFT token voucher presale! It’s been an incredible journey so far, and we’re excited about all the fantastic things we have planned for 2022.

First, we want to take a moment and express our gratitude to the community for the ongoing support in the trustNFT project so far. As a symbol of our appreciation, we’re launching the first voucher presale on the Animoca Brands Launchpad, where the users can acquire $TRUSTNFT tokens at a seriously discounted price!

But before you jump in, understand there are several essential steps you must follow to participate in the Animoca Brands Launchpad voucher presale. We suggest you take a few moments to go through each part of this article to understand the event requirements and how to buy $TRUSTNFT token vouchers safely.

First, the $TRUSTNFT token presale will take place on our partner Animoca Brands Launchpad. Safety Tip: To prevent our users from using fraudulent sites that might hijack your crypto funds or secret recovery phrase, we advise you to access the launchpad only through the link we provided and bookmark it for future visits.

For a window of 12 hours, users can visit the Animoca Brands Launchpad to access the exclusive voucher presale. The sale kicks off on January 28, 10:00 AM (UTC), closing on January 29, 10:00 AM (UTC), so get signed up ASAP!

Please note that the presale is only available to participants who get whitelisted on the Blockpass platform before January 27, 2022. Blockpass is an ID verification gateway that connects to the Ethereum wallet address used to purchase the voucher.

Those who want to participate in the token sale must complete the KYC process and ID verification. All eligible participants will receive a KYC confirmation email approving the registration on the Animoca Brands Launchpad.

Details about the Presale

trustNFT is thrilled to launch its first public sale in partnership with the Animoca Brands Launchpad. Our team is happy to provide our community a chance to get in early on $TRUSTNFT and buy our token vouchers at a nice discount.

We think this is the perfect way to reward active community members and express our excitement for the continued innovation of NFTs, DeFi, AI, and beyond.

The $TRUSTNFT token vouchers come in one variety While we support several methods of token payment, buyers need either$REVV, $STZ, $QUIDD, $DOSE, $PROS, $BONDLY, $SAND, $TOWER, $GMEE,$UMAD, $ARTEM to buy a presale voucher. Each payment method will have 91 vouchers available (except for $ARTEM which will have 181 vouchers each)

Important details to remember:

  • During the presale, 1,000 vouchers for a total of 40 000 000 $TRUSTNFT token s are available at a discounted price
  • Vouchers will be redeemable for $TRUSTNFT tokens six months after the token listing.
  • An announcement of the exact date will happen after the sale is over.

In the meantime, follow our social media channels for ongoing updates and information relating to the price of $TRUSTNFT token vouchers.

You can do that by joining our Telegram or Discord channels & following us on Twitter.

How to Buy $TRUSTNFT Token Vouchers on Sale Day

If you have a mobile device or computer, a crypto wallet, and stable wifi, you’re ready to buy $TRUSTNFT token vouchers. You can connect your ERC-20 wallet on Animoca Brands Launchpad and choose how many vouchers you want to buy. There is a limit of ten per transaction.

As stated, January 28th is the date of the actual event. You must complete the simple KYC process before that date arrives to ensure you’re ready to go on the day of the sale. We expect a big turnout, and you’ll need to be set up and approved before the crypto community floods the event!

Before placing an order, please make sure to review the accepted cryptocurrencies to complete your payment as follows:


Also, make sure that your wallet has enough crypto to purchase your desired amount of $TRUSTNFT tokens, and always reserve a certain amount of $ETH to account for gas fees because you’ll have to pay the transaction costs.

No matter how many tokens you want to buy, it’s always wise to check your balance first and see how expensive gas is on that particular day. Many complications occur when many people try to make purchases during a small timeframe, and we expect a huge turnout. So plan now to avoid missing out on discounted vouchers.

If this is your first time making a crypto purchase on the Animoca Brands launchpad, please approve the token(s) you want to use for your payment first. After that, just click the “BUY NOW” button, and you are all finished!

Unlocking the full potential of NFTs with the $TRUSTNFT — BEP-20 utility Token

TrustNFT is a two-sided platform, including a P2P marketplace for NFT-collateralized loans and an automatic lending pool. The P2P marketplace allows borrowers to put up assets for loans and lenders to make lend offers in return for interest. The automatic lending pool will enable lenders to put up their assets to community members in exchange for guaranteed yield in TrustNFT tokens.

It’s a project actively working to help offset NFT market distortion by utilizing highly-experienced pricing and analytics experts to innovative technological solutions for the larger NFT framework.

The trustNFT project at a glance: A decentralized NFT loans and marketplace

More specifically, TrustNFT is a platform powered by AI and big data that accurately evaluates NFTs and unlocks their potential for use as loan collateral, allowing users to combine Defi with NFTs to earn a yield on selected NFT-backed loans.

Our innovative platform solves significant problems in the NFT ecosystem, such as low liquidity, investment risk, monetization of assets, and — most importantly — the trouble of evaluating NFTs.

The long-term goal is to deliver AI tools for the price evaluation of NFTs and use them as credible collateral for loans. We reach our objective using on-chain and off-chain data sources to set more accurate and data-based prices for NFT assets.




Decentralized NFT collateralized loans, AI-Powered NFT price evaluation.